Melinda Madison ... 
                  Colorado's Redhead for the Discerning Gentleman


If interested in's pretty simple! Please send me the following information listed below. (I've experimented with "forms" but the Spambots loved to send Spam through it and it rarely truly tells me what i need to know about a gentleman.) YOUR INTRODUCTION SPEAKS VOLUMES ABOUT YOU (as to being thoughtful, discerning, respectful and the type of guy I may love to spend time with!) . A proper introduction with the information listed below puts a lady at ease and greatly reduces the "back and forth" and faux pas that many make when approaching a professional companion.

Unfortunately, even after all the information I have included in my webpage, I still get the "u avail now?" "hey, call me I am Joe69 from hobby board" or worst. I need to determine pretty quickly before engaging into conversation that you are legit, verifiable and not one meaning harm or entrapment. I find life is so much more peaceful if i simply delete the inappropriate or incomplete requests and focus my energy positively on those that are sincere and serious.

Gentlemen have reviews and web history and this website also to determine a companion's legitimacy. We don't have that luxury when you approach us. A proper introduction goes a long way to open doors easily and makes me excited to meet someone! One-liners simply suck and make me think that you..or the person you are looking for is more Streetwalk Sally of the Internet Highway Crank 'Em Out in a Hotel/Motel level than a higher end safe and confidential professional encounter. Do yourself justice in your intro!

It is Seriously NOT difficult to meet if you follow to a "T". it's not necessary to join any boards or verification services or give a credit card anywhere and i AM newbie friendly. My screening is super discreet, invisible and does not involve anyone further than yourself and I.

WHAT's NEXT?  once I review your date request information, I will be emailing you back to arrange a time to speak that is confidential for both of us. In that conversation, we will cover any additional information needed on logistics, comfort level screening and last minute plans. Pretty easy! I DO NOT CALL WITHOUT PRIOR AGREED UPON ARRANGEMENT NOR "text" EVER! I have not gained the good reputation that i have for a making a myriad of indiscretions.

(cut and paste is good)
Cell Phone: (for screen only. will NOT be called without prior OK and arrangement. never texted)
Your City/State:

Day/Date of Requested Engagement:
Outcall (if so, where? specifics)
Length of Time Reserving:
Preferred Start Time of Date:
Any Further information You feel I may Need:

Verifying information

What is your Experience with hiring a paid companion? (helps me to guide you through)
Reference #1 (a provider that you have met recently that has a solid web presence, her webpage and email. How will she remember you?)
Reference #2 (same as above)
TER White List/Date Check (P411-use that site's protocol to book)

tell me a little bit about yourself! This is what makes me drool about meeting with a new friend! and helps me to individualize your experience and encounter. :)


** Please Note: I do have a Knucklehead Proof Cancellation Policy.  I understand that life does not always corporate with our plans and should you need to reschedule our date, I am happy to accommodate you! However, if you have confirmed that means i have put time aside for you and in some cases, arranged for accommodations, travel etc.
  With that being said, should you cancel within 12hrs of the time of your appt, you will be required to pay a 50% cancellation fee for the time i set aside for you. Should you cancel "last minute" within 6 hours of our date or not show up at all, you will be required to pay the full fee of the date.  Please choose you booking intelligently. I am known to work well with those sincere and able to rebook immediately if my costs are covered for ...just not Knuckleheads. ;)