Melinda Madison ... 
                  Colorado's Redhead for the Discerning Gentleman

Kind Words

   Some commentary from gentlemen friends..all of which can be verified on the major boards... to give you a feel for my style.   I have 9 solid years of consistent reviews, great (yet limited and discreet) internet presence and a stellar reputation as a top national companion. You're not gonna get much better than that if looking for a solid , reliable and drama-less choice in company.

"Melinda is the entire package. She's sweet, sexy, professional classy and absolutely gorgeous with a killer body"

"I had to head to Denver on a business trip and was looking for one of Denver's finest...I found her in a gorgeous redhead"

"Do you like sexy confident, sensual women? If yes, then you need to see her"

"I was blown away. She's a beautiful lady. Great attitude."

"Being very very new, I was excited to begin a series of exchanges. She was comforting, witty and intelligent leading up to our date. Her reference checking was easy, efficient and discreet"

"Very sexy lady! made me feel comfortable and welcome. Pics are accurate and although you cannot see her face she is gorgeous"

"Melinda is one of the downright coolest people I have ever met and it was an absolute pleasure to be in her company. She is an intelligent, thoughtful, beautiful, one-of-a-kind precious gem"

"She struck me as highly intellectual and athletic, yet friendly, warm, soft and sensual..all combined!"

"You can tell when a woman has her act together. There is nothing worse than getting into a 4 hour date with someone when either of you are uncomfortable with each other. She has this great voice. My intuition told me that this would be no ordinary date. As she walked into the lobby, I was unsure for a moment, as the woman heading towards me had the air of assuredness, like a corporate VP or CEO might carry. She had this gorgeous auburn hair and the prettiest brown eyes I've seen in a long long time and a great big smile..."