Melinda Madison ... 
                  Colorado's Redhead for the Discerning Gentleman


I truly enjoy my longer dates as they allow for a genuine connection and exploration and they are priced as such. If you are new to this venue (and to me) allow me to suggest a minimum of 1.5 hours-2 hrs as not to feel rushed.

$400 hour
$600 90min
$800 2 hours ( a fave for a first time guest!)
$1050 3 hours 
$1300 4 hours (perfect for dinner dates)
$1500 6 hours (sexy concierge I am! or dinner and a show etc)
$2000 8-12 hour overnight date (relaxed time with a combo of social and private time) 
$3000 24 hours
$5000 48 hours (an additional $1K per day up to 5 days)

For packages over 2 hours , please plan on outside social time to be included.

Dont see a package above that you are interested in? especially if desiring a special social or public type date..or travel...please connect with me privately. I thrive on exploration and being a concierge for a special friend is super fun!

Can't afford? *No. My rates are not negotiable. I often offer a unique barter system on my blog. A creative man will find a way to see me  (Lazik, My Mtn bike, vacation travel/tickets, etc. are listed as suggestions) 

For dates 4 hours or longer with new clients,  I require 2 solid references or 25% deposit to make sure that my time is not abused. I have a solid professional deposit refund policy also, so if considering a longer date, don't be afraid to ask! AND don't worry, I'll define any travel fee to your location in our initial conversation. No surprises.

Aspen, Vail, Western Slope (outcall to) -please inquire if you'd like to be kept privately informed when i visit there and might be able to host you. I do not advertise always. Aspen=small town and extra discretion needed.
$1300 4 hours minimum (further hours the same as above)
*In most cases I will require a room overnite so that i can return well rested as it is almost 6 hrs of drive time. No overnite room required if you fly me to you. Travel fee to be determined prior to confirmation (depending on season-method of travel i.e.: flight, drive, snowmobile ;) ) 

Boston, San Francisco, Seattle, Washington DC, Hartford, Stamford CT 
$400 hourly
$600 1.5 hours
$800 2 hours
$1000 3 hours
$1300 4 hours Dinner Date (2 hrs out/2 hrs in)
$1500 6 hours
$2000 8- 12 hours overnite or long day playdate 
$3000 24 hours
$5000 48 hours (an additional $1K per day up to 5 days)

Fly me to you
inquire on shorter time frames
$3K 24hrs
$5K 48hrs

* As I prefer to make my own travel arrangements, my rates INCLUDE my airfare and travel) Arrangements made within a two week window of travel Might include extra cost due to high "last minute" airfare. 50% deposit required.

*I do have a unique "Tour Upon Private Invitation" package...if a 24-48 hr venture is not doable for you. Covering the cost of my airfare to you , a minimum of a 6 hour pkg date and a room for my evening.

If you do not see a time package here that fits your occasion, please inquire. *****

WISH LIST/GRATUITIES (as i get many gentlemen who ask)

Never expected or required, but always a delight!

The small things:
*gift cards to Lululemon**, Sports Authority, Victoria's Secret (or other lingerie store to pamper myself) spa packages (massage/pedicures), TJMaxx, IKEA, Road Runner Sports (similar retailers), Cache, White House Black Market** , ITunes, Starbucks, Southwest Airlines**
*Scented candles/votives
*lotions, body soaps, girlie stuff- Bath and Body Works type places

The more extravagant:
*More of the above...LOL
**** Giant Anthem XO 29er mtn bike (Extra Small women's)   For Creative Options. This changes frequently so keep tuned!