Melinda Madison ... 
                  Colorado's Redhead for the Discerning Gentleman

About Me


NOTE: I AM  the one on the left.....not above....LOL

Granted, professional companionship is not "The Dating Game" but I truly enjoy genuine connections and letting you know a bit about me...really does make the experience better as it attracts a like-minded gentleman. I am considered a top companion nationally and have a stellar reputation. Today i get lumped into the "VIP Companion" realm which i think is a grossly overused term but you'll see that my background is quite unique and why i have been called "an anomoly" for this world.  Yes, I am educated, yes I am well traveled and yes, i am super low key and low volume BUT you won't see me begging for Christian Louboutin shoes or showing my latest fashion dream date would be kayaking out of a bay in Alaska, exploring a new restaurant and I'll take a new mountain bike over luxury shoes anyday! You will find me delightfully approachable and down to Earth. After all, this is all about YOU..and who needs to be on edge?

About 5 or 6 months ago..I mistakenly didn't "back up" my webpage when making adjustments and am now just re-creating. Luckily, I've been established and have a wonderful regular base and have been perfectly fine without one... but i am buckling down and getting back to the tedioius parts of designing (been having too much fun in the meantime!) bear with me as this will go through many metamorphoses.

Basic Stats:
  I am 40...(and Loving it!) i look youthful as if in my thirties. My big brown/hazel eyes have developed with a slight exoticness that i dind't have when i was a young twerp and with a lifestyle rooted in fitness (yoga, weight training and endurance sports).( I still compete regularly) ..I'm healthy and i show it!. Healthy lifestyle is a huge passion with me. Non smoking, no drugs, light wine drinker and nutrition. No tattoos or piercings either!
Blessed with nature, I've left my face and body 100% natural
36C-28-36 5'5" 132-135# leaner than previous years and i possess not a lithe flat chested  runner's build but more of an ample weight training firm booty all around athlete build (with a bit more "wiggles" in my off-season) and soft where a woman should be.

I am professionally employed outside of this realm and have had quite an interesting real life career and adventures to add the proper depth of experience to my repertoire. I've been a staff VP, so I definately know how to play with them (on top of knowing the value of stolen time away). I am a military veteran and have worked in both the medical and legal professions. My travels have taken me to some of the most interesting places on Earth and i did a stint in documentary filmmaking at one point.

I am an accomplished athlete in both the endurance world, team sports and weight training. Health is very important to me..and a huge passion.

Likes: hockey, mountain biking,  mountaineering, classical and Jazz music, large hunting dogs, New Zealand Sav Blancs, Oregon Pinot Noirs, Cam-Ams, Ikea, David Yurman designs and intelligent, successful men with  a sense of humor makes me wet. ;)

Bra 36C
Panties S to M
Dress Size 4-6
Shoes 8
I ride a 50" frame roadbike and a XS mtn bike. ;) (just in case you happen to have a Giant Anthem XO 29er just hanging around looking for that perfect girl to gift to) Hey! can't fault a girl for hinting! ;)